Once the Christmas packages have all been opened from underneath the tree, a new exciting and enchanting adventure comes along for all to see!

Oh, New Year’s Tree is a darling box filled with goodies including a precious book, streamers, wishes, and ornament. The storybook that comes in the box collection is about a little girl and boy who need to bring sparkle and whimsy back into the Christmas tree again for New Year’s.

After reading the story, each member of our family wrote down New Year’s wishes and placed them into a tin ornament that comes with the New Year’s box. We prayed over our wishes for the upcoming year and then got to decorating!

A golden party hat tops the tree while silver party hats adorn the sides of it alongside curly, colorful streamers. We hang the ornament last and admire the fun leading into the New Year!

You can shop the New Year’s tree box here! Use the Instagram hashtag #festivefancyfrugal and follow along @festivefancyfrugal with your New Year’s adventures!

Happy celebrating, Brittnie

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