For many, Christmas is both a magical time and is a time where we see just how many festivities and fun we can Tetris into every moment of time in the holiday season. That is, until the day after Christmas where most of you may finally catch a breath to slow down. How can we set our home up to be a cozy space to enjoy those little moments of peace within the hustle and bustle of fun?

Today I will share with you 3 ways to bring a serene and cozy atmosphere into your home around the holidays. It is during those quiet moments that you are finally able to slow down, where you can enjoy the serenity of the season in your home.

1. Add twinkle lights or a seasonal candle and chunky throw blanket into your living area. After the day comes to a crawl, this setting ensures for a calm and cozy winter space to enjoy possibly along with a good book or some Christmas music!

2. Decorate two main areas of your home for the holidays with greenery and add touches of Christmas. I always choose the entry and living areas to decorate first so that this is a welcoming space that our family and friends who come to our home around the holidays. Bonus tip: I try to decorate early before Thanksgiving so that our family can enjoy the decor without the stress of crossing it off of a to do list.

3. Have a Christmas movie marathon while decorating gingerbread houses as a family near your favorite Christmas space in the home. This will make for a fun tradition and memory while enjoying your cozy Christmas space!

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Happiest Christmas to you, Brittnie

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