Thanksgiving is right around the corner! And with unique circumstances surrounding many traditions, why not bring the Thanksgiving Day parade to to your home complete with snacks and balloons for some added fun!

When thinking about the Thanksgiving Day parade, I envision the large gold Macy’s star, turkey & santa floats. Using balloons, low temperature hot glue & cardstock the turkey and santa floats were created and adorned a traveling craft cart.

The three floats were placed around a skyscraper made from a repurposed Cheez It bulk snack box from Halloween. The gray and black cardstock really brought some life to the old Cheez It box and gave it a new purpose as a skyscraper for the floats to peak out of as if we were in the heart of Times Square!

Leftover primary balloons were carefully assembled around the bottom layers of the craft cart along with some gingham pumpkins. The NYC cut outs came in a large pack from Amazon and fit the theme perfectly. Taxis, the Statue of Liberty & Empire State Building were the perfect touch.

To complete the adorable fun, candy cornucopias filled with orange slices, gum drops & Starbursts adorned sweet taxi yellow paper plates from Ellie and Piper Co.

Homemade paper pumpkin pies rested near mini pies from HEB and were made even more darling with a sprinkle of Sprinkle Pop Shop sprinkles. The kids had old fashioned milk jugs complete with orange striped straws as part of their snack.

I hope you feel inspired and festive this holiday season with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to use the hashtag #festivefancyfrugal when sharing your holiday fun!

xo, Brittnie

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