Talk Like a Pirate Day is quickly approaching on September 19th! We are all about adventures and a fun excuse to get our hands on a pirate storybook box from Party Peach Co. to celebrate the occasion all September long! Rachael from Party Peach Co. makes the most darling storybook boxes complete with hands on family fun and storybook. She gifted us the Lola Dutch box recently and it was such a hit with my daughter. I could not wait for more storybook fun with both kids and just had to order the Pirate Storybook box for our family’s adventure!

The storybook box includes a pirate ship with little pirate action figurines, a treasure box with treasure, map, drawstring bag, bandana & hardback book inspiring the fun titled How I Became a Pirate written by Melinda Long and illustrations by David Shannon. Party Peach Co. also has party supplies add ons if you wish to make it into a whole dining experience!

We set sail out to the woods via mini van with the kids looking the part adorned in their precious pirate inspired outfits. My sweet husband watched our littles while I snuck into the woods and hid a treasure box containing jewels and coins in a nook behind some low lying branches where the sunset glowed between the branches above.

After hiding the treasure as an expert momma pirate, I ran back to my crew and handed them a bag with a pirate skull. Our littles excitedly giggled and jumped up and down as I would imagine little pirates would do. They played with the pirate ship and searched all of the surrounding area on their map to see the path in which they would take to find the buried treasure.

We packed up our things and set out on the adventure to come in hopes of locating the many jewels and coins that awaited my two littles in the woods. At last, as the sun turned golden right above the buried treasure, my pirate daughter found the buried treasure and went to recover it for her and baby brother.

No time was wasted in devouring through all of what was found inside of the treasure box. The two of them had all hands in the treasure box and coins fell from the treasure box in a pile of soon to be fun. My son in particular adored re-enacting the pirate ship scene as a one year old might do while big sister retold the pirate story we had read all week leading up to the adventure.

The two of them laughed and smiled at the simple yet impactful fun of their treasure hunt in the woods. I love how Rachael has everything ready to go with her storybook boxes. The stories simply come to life through the toys and activities included.

We had pure fun, smiles and adventure as pirates this past weekend. And to this day, the littles are still talking like pirates and carrying jewels and coins in back pockets from the magical piratesque storybook box adventure shared. I am certain you can predict what book will be on repeat at bedtime this week!

My hope is that today’s share of our family adventures with the pirate storybook box inspire you to have some simple family fun! It is amazing what a change in scenery can do in making a simple treasure hunt adventure turn magical!

xo, Brittnie

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