Lately my daughter has been obsessed with wishing on stars! It is the cutest and most darling thing to see her stay up a little past her bedtime to go out on the back patio and make that wish upon a star. I don’t know what’s more precious: the darling way she scrunches her nose and eyes shut while wishing on that twinkling star at night or the excitement and anticipation of those wishes being made and granted.

For several nights my daughter wished for a shiny star and was a bit disappointed one had not shown up in her room one week. Thanks to this awaited wish, the star party was dreamed up!

I first thought how fun it would be to bring her white tent downstairs into our entry way for a fun surprise star inspired snack party and make it out of this world for my two littles. My son is fifteen months now and adores just about anything big sister does! I knew it would be fun for them!

Ellie and Piper party supplies has the most darling stars that twinkle and hang like curtains which made the tent party setting simply magical. I also ordered some rose gold star plates for their star and space themed treats. Treats included star shaped peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, star shaped cheese slices, fruit & of course Milky Way candy bars.

Star Garland & Star Plates from Ellie & Piper

With the party in mind, I wanted to build the magic and excitement of the twinkly day that awaited my two littles. We had recently gotten these precious heart shaped smooth rocks from their grandparents’ house and had to make moon rocks out of them! Using leftover acrylic copper paint, we painted the rocks together, allowed them to dry & added pearls, glitter canvas cut stars and various sizes of rhinestones to make our moon rocks.

Living near the space hub of NASA, we had to proudly craft up some space-inspired telescopes using recycled goods to capture even more magic! The telescopes are crafted up from recycled toilet paper rolls and saran wrap. We first painted the toilet paper rolls copper and allowed the paint to dry. Then, we carefully added a square cut piece of saran wrap to the end of the telescope and used a clear plastic hair rubber band to fasten it together to the telescope. Afterwards, glitter canvas cut stars, pearls & rhinestones were glued onto the saran wrap and toilet paper roll telescopes.

Wands make everything more magical so we of course had to craft those up too! We used leftover glitter canvas table scatter to glue stars to a wooden dowel and fastened leftover lace and neutral ribbons to the dowel. I glued glitter stars, pearls & rhinestone accents on both the dowel rods and ribbons for extra sparkle.

Since my daughter dreamed and wished of stars when wishing upon those twinkling stars I crafted up large cut outs of stars using poster board, Mod Podge & leftover glitter. They hung from in and outside of the tent and really added that special touch to make the party feel out of this world as if you were in the stars.

I used a crocheted tablecloth that I always use to place inside of the bottom of the tent for texture and cushion for the kids. The garlands and placed the star snacks and Milk Ways all around the tent. The juice boxes were even made to look like space! I cut one of the rose gold star plates into two stars, added on the rhinestones and pearls & glued it all onto the juice boxes.

Once the kids woke up from naptime, they came down the stairs and into the space and star themed tent party! They enjoyed lots of fun with all of the glistening stars, moon rocks, wands & telescopes around them. The wish surely did come true for both of my littles as they enjoyed a shining and twinkling star snack party!

My hope for you today is that you leave here with happiness in your heart and inspiration in your brain. Please share your festive family fun with all of us on instagram using the hashtag #festivefancyfrugal I would so love to celebrate you and your fun!

xo, Brittnie

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