Lola Dutch Paint Party

“Creativity takes courage” -Henri Matisse

Curiosity and creativity are the core of imagination. And what a marvelous time my daughter and I enjoyed playing off both curiosity and creativity while painting, imagining & laughing in our adorable Lola Dutch theme party. It was a day full of magic with the thoughtful Lola Dutch Storybook Box put together by the lovely Party Peach Co.

Lola Dutch Storybook Box Party
Lola Dutch Paint Party

The whimsical story of Lola Dutch by authors Kenneth & Sarah Jane Wright is a book we adore in our household. It has been a daily favorite of ours so when I heard Rachael at Party Peach Co. had a Lola Dutch Storybook Box collection, we had to have it and be part of the fun!

DIY Painting Party
Painting Party DIY
Painting Party Lola Dutch

The storybook box includes party napkins, plates, cups, painting easels, painting pods, canvases, a tablecloth & hardback Lola Dutch book. Every detail was considered and implemented in the storybook box. All I had to do was set the table and we were golden and set for a perfect painting party!

Painting Party Easel
Painting Easel and Cotton Candy Party Dessert

After reading Lola Dutch all week, my daughter and I dreamed of what masterpieces we would paint and what colors we would use in our paintings for the party. We also thought of what treats we would enjoy on the darling Dream Society pink Lola Dutch house plates. It was decided that we should have pink raspberry flavored macarons, cookie dough flavored mini chocolate chip adorned marshmallows, vivid blue cotton candy & cherry jelly bean topped truffles complete with raspberry lemonade.

Brunch Lola Dutch Cake Platter Desserts
Macaron, Cotton Candy, Truffle & Marshmallow
Tutu and Painting

The table was set with a plastic blue and white striped tablecloth included in the storybook box and we set the table with the macarons, marshmallows, cotton candy & truffles. My daughter and I read aloud Lola Dutch then embarked on devouring the treats while using our creativity to paint several canvases included in the box.

Pink Balloon Centerpiece Garland with Ribbon
Pink Balloon Garland Centerpiece and Floral Hoop

All the while, we laughed, painted & used our creativity to make paintings underneath an ombre pink balloon presentation complete with pops of cherry red balloons, pink tutus like Lola & pink ballerina ribbon.

Painting Party

My daughter’s sense of fashion was even inspired by Lola. I am certain the pink tutu added the special storybook connection to our mommy and me fun, don’t you?! We read the story once again using puppets we cut out from the author’s website and adorned the popsicle stick puppets with pearls and jewels to retell the story while our masterpieces from the painting party dried. My daughter helped me arrange the canvas art into a gallery wall within a golden frame in her room to keep the memory of fun.

Painting Party
Painting Easel and Truffle

The curiosity and creativity with our Lola Dutch storybook box fun made for perfectly memorable magic that will last us a lifetime. Each time we look at the masterpieces, my heart warms at the memory of sweet summer & fancy fun. My hope today is for you to feel inspired and excited for family fun. You can find more storybook box fun here if you wish to create your own family adventures!

xo, Brittnie

Lola Dutch Storybook Box
Lola Dutch Painting Party
Masterpiece Display Frame DIY
Lola Dutch Party
Mommy and Me Painting Party
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