This summer my preschool aged daughter desperately wanted a stand to sell all of her many summer creations. From pineapples & cupcakes to Chick-Fil-A nuggets created from construction paper cut outs, we needed a “brick and mortar” space for our girl to pretend play all of her latest restaurants at. So the Summer Pineapple Stand was dreamed up.

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Do your littles love to pretend play too?! It is so adorable to hear their brains working and problem solving in a shop scenario and we wanted to nurture that with a DIY Stand. My most favorite restaurant that my daughter dreamed up recently was a Summer Pineapple Stand. Using two large wooden crates, two posts & screws my husband easily assembled the stand for our littles.

My husband brought home 2 large wooden crates & 2 posts of wood near the molding section measuring 48” x 1.5” x 0.5” each for the DIY stand.

We wanted the height of the DIY stand to be appropriate for one 3-5 year old to fit behind. The crates were laid on their side, leveled & screwed together through the slats with the bottom of the crate facing outward. The opened portion of the crates serve as shelves for all of the restaurant or store merchandise. My husband placed the posts upright with the widest part fitting flush to the back edges of the DIY stand. Screws were attached along the back of the stand. The posts are perfect to hang lanterns, bunting & more!

I used a white primer & paint in one spray paint to paint the DIY stand outside. It took me one and a half cans of spray paint to coat the entire DIY stand and shelves. The stand dried completely outside in just a couple of hours. We brought it in and debuted its first sales as a Summer Pineapple Stand!

Confetti: FestiveFetti {use code FFF10 for 10% off} | You’re the Pineapple of My Eye Card: Ellie & Piper Co. | Summer Cookies: White Flour Company

To decorate the tropical-inspired Summer Pineapple Stand we ordered an amazing palm leaf garland, pineapple card & large pineapple shaped balloon from Ellie & Piper Co. Party Supplies. Festivefetti created the most precious bright neon and pineapple confetti {use code FFF10 at checkout} & the scrumptious iced cookies were made by White Flour Company. The tropical drinks were purchased from Amazon in a pack of three. I created a mini paper chain using scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and my daughter helped me tape it into the slats of the Summer Pineapple Stand. The pineapple picks & pineapple serving plate were purchased at 66% off from Hobby Lobby. Balloons were already on hand and were such a cutely fun addition to the shelves on the DIY stand.

We wanted to social distance at a nearby beach with the family-made project so we packed up the Summer Pineapple Stand, my littles & pineapple themed goodies and made our way to this lovely beach spot by the rocks, water & sand. It was the perfect atmosphere full of summer fun! We enjoyed our pineapple and brightly themed set up in our corner of the sand and sea. Summer themed cookies in the shapes of sunglasses, pineapples, a one-piece & sunshines adorned the Summer Pineapple Stand alongside heart-shaped glitter sunglasses and a hula skirt. Ice cold Crystal Light raspberry lemonade was served in a pineapple glass complete with a tropical flower adorned straw near bright and cheery confetti.

The debut of the pineapple stand was a hit and sweet summer treats were a joy had by all, beachside. I hope you leave here today feeling inspired to create and dream up some pretend play fun in an affordable and magical way! I so look forward to hearing of your summer fun adventures using #HeadInWithUs & #festivefancyfrugal on Instagram. Be sure to check out my fellow friends and their summer fun for more inspiration below!

Tropical Palm Garland & Pineapple Balloon: Ellie & Piper Co. | Confetti: FestiveFetti {use code FFF10 for 10% off} | Pineapple Cups & Straws: Amazon | Lanterns: Target | Pineapple Plate & Pink Polka Dot Box: Hobby Lobby | Hula Skirt: Dollar Tree

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