Don’t you just love a good scavenger hunt? We definitely adore the fun concept of finding different themed things in the dog days of summer! It has definitely been a way we have kept busy in our neighborhood! Some sweet friends of ours recently attended a darling fairy house scavenger hunt at a local park and I immediately planned it into our week. It looked like fantastic fun!

The intricate wooden fairy house doors were placed in trees all around the park in well established tall trees and even beside a bridge which reminded me of the tale Three Billy Goats Gruff! Each door opened and displayed a named fairy or troll along the trail. We planned to just go to the park and find the fairy houses but at the last minute had to make a whole day of the fun.

The fairy wand is made of a dowel rod, glitter canvas stars, ribbon & felt flowers.

My four year old daughter wore her favorite pair of fairy wings found at Dollar Tree several years ago. We had used them on the backs of party chairs for her second birthday party which was coincidentally fairy garden themed. Of course a magic fairy wand was needed for this scavenger hunt. We took a simple dowel rod from Hobby Lobby and attached a silver and gold star cut from glitter canvas using hot glue. I make and sell hair bows as a side business so I always have a good stock of ribbons on hand! We picked out pastel ribbons, tulle & lace tying them to the wand to make it more magical. The wand needed one more touch so we added a pretty floral felt piece to the star.

Since my son is one year old we had to include him in the fun too in a way he would enjoy! We crafted stars for him to hold onto during the scavenger hunt and also crafted up both kids crowns using recycled paper bags and craft materials. I used a large paper grocery bag and cut down the sides of the bag to open the bag up and free-hand cut a zig zag fashion straight across the length of the bag to make the crowns. I was able to create two crowns out of one large paper bag. For my son’s crown we added simple gold glitter canvas circles to the center portions of the crown reminding me of something straight out of the children’s book Where The Wild Things Are. My daughter’s crown was colored in detail using various shapes with touches of pearl and rhinestone sparkles.

The large grocery bag was cut into crowns for the kids.
Here is the large paper bag cut open to create the crowns. This bag created two crowns.

We found these darling and teeny tiny fairy letters on Pinterest found here. We cut out the letters and envelopes to deliver to one of the fairies on our scavenger hunt. My daughter wrote a sweet letter and labeled it Fairy. Isn’t this just the cutest thing you have seen today?!

Fairy letters for the fairies.

We wanted to also incorporate a nature walk into our Fairy House Scavenger Hunt so I found a beautiful print out for us to easily check off for both kids to use. I printed this card to use for our nature walk checklist. We located moss, insects, stones & leaves while out on our scavenger hunt. The kids loved the tactile checking off of various nature items while we searched for the fairy houses.

The nature walk scavenger hunt checklist was used on our Fairy House Scavenger Hunt to identify items in nature in addition to finding fairy houses.

The Fairy Scavenger Hunt was so fun and magical and incorporated science and the use of our senses. The scavenger hunt was a wonderful way to practice mindfulness to all that is around us. As we navigated the gravel trails we listened to what was around us and observed using our eyes to locate the fairy houses and nature items. The fairy houses were nestled in the tall oak trees and were surprising each and every time we located one. I hope you leave here today feeling happy and inspired after reading this! A fairy house scavenger hunt or nature walk is something you can dream up in your own backyard or park that is fun for both girls and boys. Please share your fun you dream up for your family using the hashtag #festivefancyfrugal on instagram.

xo, Brittnie

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